At-Home Improvement

Ever since Thanksgiving break, the school has been transitioned to virtual learning due to the increase in coronavirus cases in our area. This also means that the team is confined to at-home practices. While at home, the team communicated through Discord and worked on CADing the robot through the program, On Shape. The team designed the robot through CAD by placing where the plexiglass needed to be in order to guide the rings and where to mount the outtake in order to launch the rings at the correct angle. The team also made various improvements on the CAD such as mounting screws and nuts into where they were needed. Aside from CAD, the team also worked on the robot individually. Because we are not able to have in person practices, the team passed around the robot to individual robots in order to add the improvements made on the CAD onto the physical robot itself. Team members such as Ramsey Brown and Kyle Wareham made improvements at-home to the robot itself by mounting the outtake and placing cardboard (as a temporary replacement for the plexiglass) in order to guide the rings into the outtake. The school plans on returning to in person learning on January 4th and the team is very excited to return to in person practices again.