Meet the Robotic Tigers!

Hello! We are the Sharon High School Robotics team from Sharon, PA. We participate in the FTC program. Comprised of eleven members, our team travels to complete challenges given to us with our robot we designed and built ourselves. Thank you for following our journey through this year!

Each of us is involved in different activities such as soccer, FRC Robotics, marching band, tennis, cross country, musicals, softball, track, and many more. As you can see we are all busy but we make time for robotics and make it a priority. When we come together and work we achieve great things. Although we are in different grades, we are all friends and our team is like a family.



I’m Justin Stanek and I am a senior at Sharon High School. I had a great time participating in FLL for 5 years and I assisted with the start up of the FTC team at Sharon High School two years ago. I really enjoy engineering, building, and the arts. I am involved in many activities outside of robotics such as varsity soccer, varsity tennis, Tiger Kittens/Men of Note, Chamber Choir, and the spring musical.



Hi! I’m Emma Barborak and I am asenior at Sharon High School. This is my second year on the high school team. I assisted with the startup of the first team even though I wasn’t yet on the team.  I was on the FLL team for 5 years. On the FTC team, I work with the media team, enjoy website building, social media and I do participate in building the robot.  I am also on the varsity tennis team, in the marching band, Friends of Rachel club, Teen Institute, yearbook, Art Club, the Great Book Race, and enjoy archery and the musicals. I hope to attend college for theater and film.



I am Lucas D’Angelo. I was on the FLL robotics team for a total of five years and this is my second year on the FTC team. The First programs have helped me succeed as an academic student. These programs have also bettered me as a person and they taught me valuable life lessons that I will be able to use in my future. When I graduate, I want to go into the broad field of engineering. I am still deciding whether that be computer or mechanical engineering. I am currently involved in the Marching, Pep, Concert, and Jazz Bands. Along with those, I am a member of the soccer team and FRC team.


I’m Juan Florez and I’m in my first year on the FTC team.  I moved from Colombia and this is my first year at Sharon High School.  I’m in the soccer team, spanish club, future health career club and Penn State talent search.  I plan to attend college after high school and major in pre-med.


I’m Jon Wareham and I’m in my second year on the FTC  team. I was on FLL for 4 years where I was primarily a programmer, though, like everyone else on the team I did all other aspects of FLL. My love of programming followed me to FTC. I am also involved in other activities such as cross country, and track and field. I plan to attend college after high school and major in software engineering.




I am Kyle Wareham, and am in my second year on the FTC team. I was on FLL for 4 years and my strong suit is engineering and building. this year I am excited to be one of the leaders to help the rookies create the robot for competitions. I am also involved in other activities such as  track and field, the high school book club, and cross country. My future plans include attending college and going into engineering or teaching.



I am Peter Wood and this is my second year on the FTC team. Prior to FTC, I was on FLL for 5 years. I enjoy designing and building the robot and i assist with the media team. I’m also in other activities such as student council, yearbook, morning announcements, soccer, tennis, swimming, marching band, jazz band,and pep band. When I graduate I want to go to college at Carnegie Mellon University where I hope to study biomedical engineering.


I am Miranda Metro and I am a rookie and sophomore on the FTC team this year.  I was on the FLL team for 5 years and my last year as research leader.  I participate in softball, Tiger Kitten Men of Note, chamber choir, tennis, orchestra, danceline, and travelball.  I like robotics because I get the chance to think like an engineer, and further my knowledge in math and science.  I want to go to college after I graduate high school.


I am Eli Buck and this is my first year on the FTC team. I was on the FLL team for 5 years. I like robotics because it allows me to test my creativity as well as my math and science skills.  I am involved in an FRC team, wrestling, and tennis. In my future I plan on going to college to study genetics.



I am Alex Sokol, this is my first year on the FTC team, and I am excited to be a part of the team. I was on the FLL team for 4 years. I am very interested in robotics and technology and I am considering a future with robotics. I like to be creative and engineering  and designing is a good way to express my ideas. I am also involved in FRC. After high school, I plan on going to college.


I’m Ramsey Brown. I am in 10th grade and this is my first year on the FTC team. I was in FLL for 5 years. Robotics has interested me since i was a young kid. It has shaped me as a person and I gained a lot of knowledge by being in the robotics program. I am also in FRC and Baseball.  I am planning to go to college and major in Engineering after high school.


Coach Dave Tomko

Mr. Dave Tomko is the head coach overseeing all the robotics teams at Sharon Schools, four FLL teams and one FTC team. Mr. Tomko also teaches 5th grade at Case Avenue Elementary. He is credited with the introduction of robotics in Sharon Schools, even succeeding in working robotics into the sixth grade science curriculum.



Assistant Coach Jennifer Barborak

Mrs. Jennifer Barborak (Coach Jen) has been coaching the FTC team at Sharon Schools since its inception in 2018. Coach Jen is a registered nurse, employed by UPMC Horizon Community Health Foundation as a grant writer and program manager. She holds a BS in Environmental Science, having managed the laboratory for and Environmental Engineering firm. She also holds a MA in non-profit program management and evaluation and grant writing. Coach Jen oversees the media and fundraising as well as the building, engineering and programming. “I am so excited to watch the students grow in their skill level and how they become more confident in their abilities each season. It’s a credit to these students that we even have a high school team.”

Assistant Coach Rick Barborak

Mr. Rick Barborak (Coach Rick) has been coaching the FTC team at Sharon Schools since its inception in 2018. Coach Rick as a registered nurse, employed by Olympus International as a sales representative in the endoscopy division and holding a BS in Nursing. Coach Rick enjoys overseeing the team members who are engineering and building and has been learning the programming. He is proud to be a part of history at Sharon High School and commends the students for their hard work in not only starting the program, but keeping it going.

John Ackley

Mr. John Ackley is a coach on the Robotics team. He mainly helps the programming team.





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We are FTC Team #12792 from Sharon, PA, Sharon Tiger Robotics!

Team Members:

Justin Stanek

Emma Barborak
Lucas D’Angelo
Jon Wareham
Kyle Wareham
Peter Wood

Eli Buck
Ramsay Brown
Miranda Metro
Alex Sokol



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Our journey began in the 2017 School Year as Rookie Team #12792.  During 2017, we competed in one scrimmage and one qualifying tournament.


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On December 8, 2018 we participated in the FTC West Central Pennsylvania Qualifying Tournament at the University of Pitt in Johnstown. We met a lot of interesting and unique teams that had many different strategies to approach the robot game that we’ve never seen before! We were ecstatic to win the control award. We look forward to …