Off-Season Outreach

Over the summer, we have been busy reaching out to our community! We hosted three summer camps where we had loads of fun teaching young students about robotics and programming with the LEGO EV3 Mindstorm and the LEGO Spike Essential Robots.

Another event we look forward to every summer is Sharon WaterFire! We were able to demonstrate our robot and work with our sister FLL teams, the Sharon Tiger Techs.  At WaterFire we get to showcase our “RoboArt”.

We also had the opportunity to present in front of the Sharon Rotary Club. We partnered with the Tiger Techs yet again to showcase our robot and share updates of our season to the club.  We really appreciate their support and others in our community.  We are so appreciative our our Sponsors.

Advocating for S.T.E.M.

This summer, we visited Washington, D.C. to attend the Student Association for S.T.E.M. Advocacy (SASA) National Advocacy Convention. The main goal of this event was to speak to our members of congress about robotics, how our lives have benefited from it, and to advocate for funding. By educating the members, we hope to get more legislation signed to benefit robotics teams in our nation and to build strong relationships with the members and their staff.

We collaborated with two other Pennsylvania teams, FRC team 5740 The Trojanators and team members from the Mars Robotics Association, to speak to multiple of our member’s staff about S.T.E.M. legislation. We hope to see the effect from this convention in years to come as new and improved S.T.E.M. legislation is passed.

Tournament Updates

In January we participated virtually in the Eastern PA Qualifier tournament. We were excited to see that all of our hard work paid off when we became the top ranked team, as well as receiving the Connect Award and the second place Inspire Award! We were also finalists for the Think Award as well as the Motivate Award. In March, we are excited to be advancing to compete in the State Championship!



The Sharon High Robotics Team was featured in the Herald on Monday, under the “Expressions” section. In an article written by the media team, we shared updates about our robot and season, as well as details about the community outreach we participate in.

Our FIRST Scrimmage of the Season

We were able to participate in our first in-person tournament in two years on December 18th! We were so excited to get back into real competition in Valencia, PA where we placed third out of twelve teams.

We were able to see how our robot was able to interact during alliances with other teams, and we were able to test how well our robot completed tasks within the time limit. Using this information, we are now able to make modifications to both the robot and programming, as well as our strategy with other teams.

Recent Outreach Events

We have been eager to get back out into the community, and we were finally able to do so again! The team was very excited to share our knowledge and love of robotics to younger members of the community, and spark their own interest in engineering and programming. Some of the events we were able to participate in included Silly Science Sunday and WaterFire, as well as hosting an Intermediate EV3 Robotics Camp.

Team member Kayden Moroney is sharing our robot with a young member of the community

Another demonstration of our robot during WaterFire in our very own hometown.

Early Season Updates

Mechanical Update:  We have built the main chassis and included our chassis motors.  We are currently experimenting with our intake and altering our design based on testing.  Our former team member from last year, Kyle, is coming back to assist as he is now studying mechanical engineering at Youngstown State University.

Programming Update:  We have been working with our programming mentor, Mr. Ackley on our programming side.  We have switched over our programming from On-Bot Java to Android Studio.  We are also happy to have our second member from our team last year assisting, Lucas D’Angelo.  Lucas is studying at Westminster College for computer science.  

Media Update:  Check out our social media at our instagram page @sharonhighrobotics, and our Facebook page @Sharon Robotics.

Small, but mighty!

Since the start of the season, we have been busy designing our robot for Freight Frenzy.  The past few months we have been able to work towards our goals that we have set forth since our season kick-off.   We have split our team into several team including media, CAD/mechanical, and programming.  We all take part in outreach in some part.  Our team is small, but mighty!

Competition Preparations

The team has spent the past week preparing for the league meet scrimmage held on Saturday the 20th. Before the scrimmage started the team wanted to know at what voltage the robot should be at in order to shoot the rings into the top goal consistently. We did this by firing the rings in the same spot we would for the competition, marking where the rings hit and at what voltage the battery was at, and we gradually ran down the battery voltage. Through this process the team found that any voltage above 14 would shoot the rings into the top goal so before every round we switch out the battery in order to make sure that the rings go into the top goal consistently. The team also practiced driving for the competition. For the competition, there are two drivers. One team member controls the wheels and drives the robot itself while the other team member controls the intake, outtake, roundabout, and arm (basically this member controls the shooting of the rings and the taking of the wobble goal). The pairs of members who practiced driving together were Alex and Peter, Ramsey and Jon, and Ben and Eli. These pairs ensured that everyone who is present for the competition gets to drive. These preparations paid off in the end and helped us meet our goals for the competition on Saturday.

The team is competing at a virtual scrimmage with team members Ramsey and Ben controlling the robot.

Constructing Greatness

There have been a number of additions made to the robot since January and the robot building is now being put to the test with the programming process. The intake has been improved through the use of shifting the intake further down on the robot, replacing the previous intake motor with a more powerful motor, and using more grippy wheals on the intake. The team has also added a chain on the intake to connect the first intake to a secondary intake in order to move the rings up the ramp on the robot. Speaking of the rings, the team also added a plexiglass ceiling on the roundabout portion of the robot in order to make sure that the rings will not fall out of the roundabout and ensure that the rings will make their way to the outtake. The team also added an arm onto the robot in order to grab the wobble goal. This arm consists on two three inch excursion pieces dipped in a layer of plastic dip. This improves the grip of the arm an ensures that the robot can grab the wobble goal. As you can see, the team has made various improvements to the robot to make sure that it will be competition ready when the time comes.

The team added a chain on the intake to attach the first intake to the secondary intake.

The current design of the robot as of the time of this post.