Team Bios



This is my third  year on the FTC team at Sharon High School. Currently I am a senior. I have 5.5 years worth of experience as an FLL student and 2 years as a FRC student. In addition, I play soccer for Sharon. From programming the robot to actually building it I have always had a passion for S.T.E.A.M. I am very excited to start this season, especially since it will open some new doors since it is a new experience from the previous years that I have been involved in with FIRST. After high school, I plan to go to college and earn a degree as a software developer.


I’m in my second  year on the FTC team. I was on FLL for 4 years where gained my interest in the field of robotics. I currently play tennis and have various other activities that I am involved in. In college, I plan on pursuing something in the robotics or engineering field or going into business. I have all of my interest in robotics due to being on the FLL team, around robots and surrounded with many great things, this is what sparked my interest because I got to experience so many great things in my years as a team member.


I’m in my second  year on the FTC team. I was on FLL for 3 years where I got to go so many places to spark my interest in computer science and engineering. In the future, I would like to work in the cybersecurity field and learn more about robotics and different types of programming.


I’m in my second year on the FTC team, and I was on FLL for 3 years where I lead in outreach and the innovation project. I am the junior drum major for the Sharon Tiger Marching Band, and I perform with the Sharon Chamber Orchestra. In the future, I plan on working in EMS and nursing, or exploring the field of music education.



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Coaches and Mentors

Coach Dave Tomko

Mr. Tomko is in his 13th year as a FIRST Coach and mentor.  He is the head robotics coach for the Sharon City School District coaching two FLL Challenge teams and the FTC team.  He also oversees the entire FLL Challenge program, the FLL Explore Program, and the FLL Discover Program in the district.  In addition, he has been a mentor on an FRC team for three years.  His main role for the Sharon High Robotics FTC Team is to oversee meetings and outreach, and is the mechanical lead mentor.  

Coach John Ackley

Mr. Ackley is the lead programming mentor for the Sharon High School Robotics Team. Mr. Ackley has worked with the team for several years since its inception.  He is a speaker, coach, system designer, and very long time software developer.

Mr. Ackley is host of the System Smarts podcast, featuring interviews with system designers from all industries. John speaks and gives workshops on system design, permaculture and entrepreneurship at events from coast to coast.

Mentor Kyle Wareham

Mentor Lucas D’Angelo