Team Bios



Hi! I’m Emma Barborak and I am a senior at Sharon High School. This is my third year on the high school team. I assisted with the startup of the first team even though I wasn’t yet on the team.  I was on the FLL team for 5 years. On the FTC team, I work with the media team, enjoy website building, social media and I participate in building the robot.  I am also on the varsity tennis team, Friends of Rachel club, Teen Institute, Art Club, the Great Book Race, Penn State Talent Search, and enjoy archery and the musicals. I hope to attend Youngstown State University to major in business and minor in film. 


I am Lucas D’Angelo. I was on the FLL robotics team for a total of five years and this is my third  year on the FTC team. The FIRST  programs have helped me succeed as an academic student. These programs have also bettered me as a person and they taught me valuable life lessons that I will be able to use in my future. When I graduate, I want to go into the broad field of engineering. I am still deciding whether that be computer or mechanical engineering. I am currently involved in the Marching, Pep, Concert, and Jazz Bands. Along with those, I am a member of the soccer team and FRC team.


I’m Juan Florez and this is my second year on the FTC team. I am originally from Colombia. I’m a research assistant at Penn State, I am also part of the soccer team, NHS, future health careers club and science club. I plan to graduate one semester early and become a combat medic for the Army National Guard. After my training is completed, I would like to attend Williams College or Yale University as a neuroscience major.


I’m Jon Wareham and I’m in my third year on the FTC  team. I’m in my third  year on the FTC  team. I was on FLL for 4 years where I was primarily a programmer, though, like everyone else on the team I did all other aspects of FLL. My love of programming followed me to FTC. I am also involved in other activities such as cross country, and track and field. I plan to attend college after high school and major in software engineering.


I am Kyle Wareham, and I am in my third year on the FTC team. I was on FLL for 4 years and my strong suit is engineering and building. this year I am excited to be one of the leaders to help the rookies create the robot for competitions. I am also involved in other activities such as track and field, chamber strings, and cross country. My future plans are to attend YSU and pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a degree in Physics.


I am Peter Wood and this is my third  year on the FTC team. Prior to FTC, I was on FLL for 5 years. I enjoy designing and building the robot and I assist with the media team. I’m also in other activities such as student council, yearbook, Spanish club, morning announcements, soccer, tennis, swimming, marching band, national honor society, jazz band, and pep band. When I graduate I want to go to college at Carnegie Mellon University where I hope to study biomedical engineering.


I am Eli Buck and this is my second  year on the FTC team. I was on the FLL team for 5 years. I like robotics because it allows me to test my creativity as well as my math and science skills.  I am involved in an FRC team, wrestling, and tennis. In my future I plan on going to college to study genetics.



I am Alex Sokol, this is my second year on the FTC team, and I am excited to be a part of the team. I was on the FLL team for 4 years. I am very interested in robotics and technology and I am considering a future with robotics. I like to be creative and engineering  and designing is a good way to express my ideas. After high school, I plan on going to college.


I’m Ramsey Brown. This is my second  year on the FTC team. I was in FLL for 5 years. Robotics has interested me since I was a young kid. It has shaped me as a person and I gained a lot of knowledge by being in the robotics program. I am also in FRC and Baseball.  I am planning to go to college and major in Engineering after high school.



I’m Ben Pollock. This is my first year on the FTC team at Sharon High School. Currently I am a sophomore. I have 4.5 years worth of experience as an FLL student and 1 year as a FRC student. In addition, I play soccer for Sharon. From programming the robot to actually building it I have always had a passion for S.T.E.A.M. I am very excited to start this season, especially since it will open some new doors since it is a new experience from the previous years that I have been involved in with FIRST. After high school, I plan to go to college and earn a degree as a software developer.


Coach Dave Tomko

Mr. Tomko is in his 11th year as a FIRST Coach and mentor.  He is the head robotics coach for the Sharon City School District coaching two FLL Challenge teams and the FTC team.  He also oversees the entire FLL Challenge program, the FLL Explore Program, and the FLL Discover Program in the district.  In addition, he has been a mentor on an FRC team for two years.  His main role for the Sharon High Robotics FTC Team is to oversee meetings and outreach, and is the mechanical lead mentor.  


Mentor John Ackley

Mr. Ackley is the lead programming mentor for the Sharon High School Robotics Team. Mr. Ackley has worked with the team for several years since its inception.  He is a speaker, coach, system designer, and very long time software developer.

Mr. Ackley is host of the System Smarts podcast, featuring interviews with system designers from all industries. John speaks and gives workshops on system design, permaculture and entrepreneurship at events from coast to coast.


Mentor Bill Dodd