Lots of Moving Parts!

The team has been very busy over the past couple weeks. The team first met with Mr. Ackley, a local programmer and robotics enthusiast, to discuss strategies on how to approach building the robot. Mr. Ackley suggested that we split into groups to build individual sections of the robot and then connect them all. We split into three groups of two.  Kyle and Ramsey worked on a conveyor belt system in order to pick up the rings on the field.  Peter and Eli worked on the container to hold the rings and a pulley system to move the container in a vertical fashion. Alex and Ben worked on the outtake to shoot the rings into the goal. All of our individual projects were then prototyped for two weeks.

A highlight of one of these practices was finishing the outtake and seeing how the outtake shoots the rings into the target goal (tower slots and power shot targets). The difficult part was the figuring out how to put all of the pieces together in a working manner. We brainstormed for during our last meeting and finally deiced to have storage that would hold the rings at the start of the match and be pushed onto a platform that raises to the outtake. We are excited to start work on this idea and bring all of our work together next practice!

The team met with Mr. Ackley to discuss strategies on how to approach building the robot.

Lucas, Ben, and Jon test the outtake prototype and shoot rings into the goals.

The team discusses strategies and ideas on how to connect all of the separate parts onto the robot.