Team Ready For Ultimate Goal

The team started the season with the season kickoff on September 12. Immediately after watching the Ultimate Goal video the team started drafting designs for a new robot with a plethora of different ideas from all of the team members.  The team found common ground and everyone decided on a design to effectively accommodate for the Ultimate Goal challenges.

The team also purchased and built a new field for the Ultimate Goal season. This will help the team competition remotely this season.  The team is now in the process of CADing the robot and building the chassis of the robot. The media team is also busy with updating the team website/social media. We are off to a great start and excited for the season ahead despite the pandemic!

The team met and discussed ideas for the Ultimate Goal season after watching the season kickoff (missing from photo, Emma Barborak).


The team is underway on building the new field for the Ultimate Goal season!


Peter and Kyle work on the chassis for the new robot.