Constructing Greatness

There have been a number of additions made to the robot since January and the robot building is now being put to the test with the programming process. The intake has been improved through the use of shifting the intake further down on the robot, replacing the previous intake motor with a more powerful motor, and using more grippy wheals on the intake. The team has also added a chain on the intake to connect the first intake to a secondary intake in order to move the rings up the ramp on the robot. Speaking of the rings, the team also added a plexiglass ceiling on the roundabout portion of the robot in order to make sure that the rings will not fall out of the roundabout and ensure that the rings will make their way to the outtake. The team also added an arm onto the robot in order to grab the wobble goal. This arm consists on two three inch excursion pieces dipped in a layer of plastic dip. This improves the grip of the arm an ensures that the robot can grab the wobble goal. As you can see, the team has made various improvements to the robot to make sure that it will be competition ready when the time comes.

The team added a chain on the intake to attach the first intake to the secondary intake.

The current design of the robot as of the time of this post.