Tiger Tips

Check this site frequently for tips on programming, engineering, and media outreach. These tips will not only be from the robotic tigers but also from other teams who give us advice as we travel to different tournaments.

Rookie Teams: Do not be afraid to experiment with materials! The normal vex or tetrix kits are crucial to the success of a robot, but what will make your creation stand out? 3D printed parts? Innovative strategies? A Loufa? Try it Out!!

Rookie Teams: FTC values teamwork, which is why it is vital that you communicate with other teams at the competition to make sure that you can work well with any team you’re paired with. Our suggestion is to not only create a template of questions to ask, but also create a handout that provides all of the information that teams require. (Assets, Total Points, Autonomous Points/Completed missions)

Here is our Engineering Notebook from 2018/19 Season.  We are not saying it’s the greatest, but it’s a lot better than last years! Engineering Notebook Sharon High Robotics 2018.19