Early Season Updates

Mechanical Update:  We have built the main chassis and included our chassis motors.  We are currently experimenting with our intake and altering our design based on testing.  Our former team member from last year, Kyle, is coming back to assist as he is now studying mechanical engineering at Youngstown State University.

Programming Update:  We have been working with our programming mentor, Mr. Ackley on our programming side.  We have switched over our programming from On-Bot Java to Android Studio.  We are also happy to have our second member from our team last year assisting, Lucas D’Angelo.  Lucas is studying at Westminster College for computer science.  

Media Update:  Check out our social media at our instagram page @sharonhighrobotics, and our Facebook page @Sharon Robotics.

Small, but mighty!

Since the start of the season, we have been busy designing our robot for Freight Frenzy.  The past few months we have been able to work towards our goals that we have set forth since our season kick-off.   We have split our team into several team including media, CAD/mechanical, and programming.  We all take part in outreach in some part.  Our team is small, but mighty!